Gesetzlose Besatzer-BRD (Interviews)

Interviews mit Peter Fruehwald (video)

Interviews mit Peter Fruehwald auf

Interviews mit Dr. Werner Ratnikow (video)

Interviews mit Dr. Werner Ratnikow auf youtube

The Informer – True Secrets behind Politics and History of America (audio)

The Informer on

The Informer is by profession a researcher of 40 years and worked for major 500 companies. He started the legal research into government as a whole in 1979 and went heavy into the taxation part, all phases, in 1981, and continues to this day. He is retired and uses his cognitive skills of 40 years to continue studying. His history research came about because of the government research that uncovered many inconsistencies in what people perceive to be true about government, but which is not. His inquiries and study led him to other historical researchers nationwide. These findings show governments are run by people other than the common man and woman of America and is not the „representative form“ as people believe.

The Informer – True Secrets behind Politics and History of America (Text)
(The website has now been taken down.)

Some of the Informer’s writings up on TOBE –

And some of James Montgomery’s writings –

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